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Orginal Content available:

Original Tv Series

“Steel Piers”

1968, Hoboken New Jersey Waterfront, The view of the twin towers being constructed brings new hopes and dreams. Tommy, a longshoreman who once had a promising acting career, becomes the go to guy between the workers and the mob and the power that be. All odds are against Tommy  who battles demons a broken home, divergent relationships, bizarre betrayals and senseless loyalties with some of the most power hungry, charismatic and dangerous characters from the 60’s to early 70s.


Original Reality TV Available :

“Comic Book King”

An American reality competition elimination

An American Reality Tv Show

“Kooking With The Boys”

If you like wise guys, you’re going to love these good fellas! “Kooking with the boys” is a TV reality /cooking show set in Hoboken, NJ, A Celebration in the kitchen with Special guest and fun conversations talking life, cooking & movies.

"Kooking With The Boys" TV SHOW

Original Feature Films Available :

Vengeful Eyes” (Horror) A tale of the supernatural

A despondent wannabe composer under house arrest, yearns for a lost love, “hears voices”, unaware of sinister forces lurking to destroy him.

The Empty handed painter

“In this catch-me-if-you-can syle caper, a down and out NY artist from the Warhol era, caught up in the fast easy money of an international art forgery ring, tries to break free from his troubled past and the corruption of the art world to become the man and artist he was always meant to be..”

The Fixer

Based on a True Story – A professional and very successful horse trainer finds himself over his head in gambling debts with the wrong people. The only way out is a life changing decision that makes him just as corrupt as the people that want to kill him.

Blood & Guts

Based on the true story of Arturo Gatti boxing legacy

Sensei”      A love story in the backdrop of the Martial Arts

Wrongfully accused of industrial espionage, confronted with a family secret, stripped of his job and dignity, an immature Robotics Engineer ventures to the other side of the country where he finds love, family roots, danger and his true calling.

The Replacement Mourners” (Comedy)

Three struggling roommates face eviction, become “morologists”,
professionals mourners, at a one of a kind funeral parlor.



Breaking The Silence



My Way Produzioni got its start from these Indie short films

 roleplay     The Boys  mammas trilogy

Work in Progress “Stereotypes” Documentary